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14.01.2016 von admin

Setra S 208 H – 1979

S 208 H and S 210 HD – the compact coaches of the 200 model series

The shortest version of the 200 model series was the S 208 H, which was presented as a prototype in Turin in May 1979. While all the models of the successful Setra 200 model series were now produced within a specially developed modular system, for construction design reasons the short S 208 H required a modified reversing transmission at the rear axle. A rear door was omitted in favour of the central entrance. Some countries also permitted the configuration with only one passenger door. In contrast to all other vehicles of the 200 model series, the S 208 H also lacked air suspension and a retarder. The turning circle of only 14.6 m made the coach ideal for narrow mountain roads. Like all the
other touring coaches, however, it came with comfort features such as reclining seats, extensive double glazing and the new cross-flow ventilation and heating system.

From April 1980 on, the vehicle was fitted with disc brakes on the front axle. In response to numerous requests from customers, the coach could also be ordered with a toilet, air conditioning and a narrow body variant of 2300 mm in width.

For more basic customer requirements, the vehicle was also available in a universal variant and with a split windscreen. The 7600 mm long coach was the successor to the S 80 and rolled off the production line 494 times in all between 1979 and 1983.

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