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English   Small buses big on tradition
14.01.2016 von admin

Setra S 309 HD – 1994

S 309 HD of the 300 model series under the 9-metre mark

The S 309 HD which was introduced by the Setra brand in 1994 accommodated customers' wishes for the 300 model series also to include a touring coach of under 9 metres in length. For this 8870 mm long vehicle, the design engineers revived the special axle drive with a differential transmission adapted to higher levels of torque and output. A retarder was now also fitted as standard. The S 309 HD, which accommodated 33 seats, also broke new ground with a composite design consisting of a steel base frame and aluminium body. The most striking features of the 300 model series included the eye-catching "comet tail" behind the cockpit area and the newly developed integral mirror system, which combined with the new A-pillar design optimised for enhanced vision to offer the driver excellent all-round visibility.

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