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English   Small buses big on tradition
14.01.2016 von admin

Setra S 411 HD – 2001

S 411 HD of the TopClass 400 is the essence of agility

The shortest variant of the Setra TopClass 400, the S 411 HD measuring 10,160 mm in length, was also firmly established among coach operators throughout Europe in the exclusive club travel segment. In view of the impending switch to the Euro III European emissions standard, the S 411 HD was presented in 2001 with a vertically installed V6 engine. Following the comprehensive facelift for the Setra touring coaches in 2008, its compact length, a wheelbase of 3760 mm and an overhang of 2215 mm at the front and 2960 mm at the rear remained the essence of agility. With these dimensions and its small turning circle of 17,360 mm, virtually no narrow lane or tight bend was out of bounds for this two-axle coach. At 3760 mm in height, the S 411 HD was on a par with the S 415 HD with ComAir air conditioning, and with a width of 2550 mm the vehicle also offered the generous dimensions of a fully fledged high-decker touring coach with a host of equipment variants and comfort features. The small wonder equally met the needs of operators and passengers when it came to accommodating luggage. With a toilet installed, the S 411 HD offered a total luggage compartment capacity of 5.7 m3.

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