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English   70 years of Setra *
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German version

70 years of Setra
  • The renowned Ulm-based Setra brand celebrates its 70th anniversary
  • Rapid market penetration thanks to its self-supporting body design
  • Modular principle first used in the 10 model series
  • Angular shapes with soft curves in the 100 model series
  • Cross-flow ventilation in the 200 model series for the first time
  • Distinctive sweeping lines and integral mirrors on the 300 model series
  • Three categories: TopClass, ComfortClass and MultiClass
  • La Linea characterises the design of the TopClass 400
  • ComfortClass 500 with a falling side line at the rear
  • S 531 DT double-decker – the flagship of the TopClass 500

Setra S 8, Setra S 9, Setra S 80, Setra S 215 HD, Setra S 315 HDH, Setra S 515 HD

[BLOCK] With a total of six model series over the past seven decades, the renowned Ulm-based brand has regularly set standards within Europe's bus-building industry and has had a decisive influence on the development of the sector.
Things started in 1951 when the Ulm-based Kässbohrer vehicle works presented the S 8 and simultaneously gave the brand its present-day name: Setra, which is an abbreviation of "selbsttragend", the German word for self-supporting, in reference to the monocoque construction of the bus. This first bus manufactured in series production to feature a self-supporting body, rear-mounted engine and direct drive to the rear axle was presented during the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt.

Setra S 8

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