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English   The new Setra TopClass 400
07.10.2007 von admin

Roll-pitch control and trailing axle with individual suspension

Take ride comfort, for instance. Here too, Setra passengers are carried as on silk cushions. By counteracting in a controlled manner the pitch and roll movement of the coach, the optionally available roll-pitch control system prevents the vehicle from rocking, and ensures that both in curves and on uneven roads it glides along as gently as possible. The trailing axle with independent suspension, installed for the first time in the TopClass 400, also contributes: it guarantees a high level of operating smoothness, and what’s more, it allows a weight reduction of 160 kg.

Additional weight reductions achieved

And in this respect, too, the reworked touring coaches offer every reason to be pleased. For, in spite of some measures leading to an increase in weight, it was still possible to reduce the overall weight of the vehicles by one percent. The omission of the luggage compartment flap on the left side has contributed to this weight re­duc­tion, apart from making access to the luggage compartment easier and more convenient.

But these are not the only measures that modify the aspect of the vehicles. For exam­ple, from now on the rubber strip around the windscreen is a thing of the past. This innovation will also improve fuel economy.

The newly integrated cornering light and the increase of the angle of approach con­tri­bute to giving the Setra a face that will “smile” in an even friendlier manner in future.

Of course, this facelift is also of great benefit to the drivers, who can now feel even more comfortable in a cockpit which is becoming more and more like that of a passenger car thanks to some exclusive innovations. One of these is the newly-designed joystick, the leather-covered multi-function steering wheel with integrated button function, and a new instrument panel in easy-to-see 3D look with multi-function display.

The new cockpit

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