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English   The new Setra TopClass 400
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Numerous safety systems

In terms of safety, too, TopClass 400 is “best in class”, i.e. equipped with state-of-the-art technology. All the vehicles are fitted as standard with disc brakes, as well as the following systems: electronic/pneumatic braking system (EBS), anti-block braking system (ABS), acceleration skid control (ASR), brake assist system (BA) and electronic stability program (ESP), all of which constitute an active system to en­hance driving safety and stability. At the express wish of customers, since 2005 Setra touring coaches have been equipped with the adaptive cruise control system (ART). This system reduces the stress on the driver on motorways and other major roads. If the system detects a vehicle in front travelling at a lower speed, it auto­matically slows the coach down until a distance is reached which was previously set by the driver, and then maintains this distance constantly. Also since 2005, Setra has offered the continuous braking limiter system (DBL) as standard. It brakes the touring coach automatically to prevent it exceeding the 100 km/h statu­tory speed limit when speeded up by gravity on downhill sections. Another optional system Setra offers is lane assist (SPA). With the help of a video camera the lane assist system detects if the vehicle is at risk of leaving the lane it is in, by perma­nent­ly monitoring the distance from the side of the coach to the lane markings. If the vehicle is in danger of crossing the lane marking, in a split-second a vibration in the seat cushion warns the driver - unnoticed by the passengers. This warning is produced by two electric vibration motors, one on each side of the driver’s thighs: if the bus threatens to leave its lane towards the left, then the left-hand motor acts, and if it is moving off course towards the right, then the right-hand motor is actua­ted: the coach driver instinctively steers the vehicle back towards the centre of the lane. The warning is emitted at the outer edge of the lane marking in order to allow the driver the greatest possible space for a correcting manoeuvre. The lane assist system is activated, for instance, on long monotonous motorway journeys at speeds above 70 km/h.

With its TopClass 400 in 2001, Setra introduced a new dimension in touring coach construction, one which guarantees a travel experience of the highest level for passengers and driver. This is thanks to innovative comfort features such as back supporting seats, multimedia systems, diverse kitchen appliances and the unique glass roof above the central aisle. The ergonomically-designed cockpit combines elegant functionality with aesthetics. A greater adjustment range for the driver’s seat, improved layout and operation of instruments, switches and levers ensure that the driver can concentrate on driving, thus increasing passenger safety.

Not for nothing was the TopClass 400 voted “Coach of the Year 2002” by European specialist journalists only eight months after its debut. The jury based its choice on, among other things, the convincing engineering and its remarkable design, a success­ful symbiosis of

Form and function.

The TopClass 400 generation includes the 10.16 metre S 411 HD Club Bus, the 12.2 metre S 415 HD, the 3-axle, 12.3 metre S 415 HDH super high decker with three-axles, 13.19 metre S 416 HDH and the 14.05 metre S 417 HDH super high decker. The flagship of this Setra premium programme is the 13.89 metre S 431 DT double-decker coach. The S 417 was designed by Setra specifically for the North-American market; it conforms to US regulations and was presented in that country in 2003 for the first time. With a right-hand drive S 415 HD the coach brand from Ulm establishes the market presence of its TopClass 400 in countries with left-hand drive, such as Great Britain, Ireland and Cyprus.

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