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Identifier, Setra front grill
The first SETRA still appeared with a massive broad front grill. This changed be appearances in the course of the years or with every new building row. Who knows already recognizes at first sight in which time period the vehicle was built.
The wing over the grill didn't contain any letters for the typical front grill for the first SETRAs of the type S8 ..
The front grill became "narrower" at the sides. A form in which the upper part was also open still happened later. The wing got the "K"
The front grill became lower and worked through this no longer so massively but more elegant. The base for the "K" in the wing became greater.
All openings had disappeared now. The earlier "crossways braces" still were only indicated by chromium plated lasts. For this the "K" appeared in the middle. The wing also became "more elegant".
A new making row was heralded. The grill got square and lower. For this he went of headlight to headlight now.
With the introduction of the building row 100 the grill was also changed. And the grill was the crossways braces more broadly again open. The wing completely disappeared.
With the building row 200 the grill kept almost his old form. The "K" merely reached the lower crossways row of the upper now.
The front grill was closed again now. The crossways grooves were black and only the "K" and the stroke "SETRA" were chromium plated. The crossways grooves were lacquered in some cases also in the color of the bus.
With the building row 300 a new front also came. One kept the black background and the chromium plated "K" and the chromium plated stroke "SETRA". About this a trapezium appeared with slats.
With idea of the station wagon bus building row the slats disappeared at the vehicles this one "Multiclass" and this one "Comfortclass". One kept the slats at the vehicles of the "top Class".
With the building row 400 the complete design of the bus changed. "La Linea" brought curved lines which let themselves be seen also in the front grill. The "K" disappeared and the stroke "SETRA" only stopped.

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