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English   VDL Citea CLE 120-130
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VDL Citea CLE 120-130

The new Citea CLE

The Citea CLE (Low Entry) is the second model in a new generation of city and local buses from VDL Bus & Coach. With the development of the Citea use was made of the many years of experience in the development of lightweight constructions which have been accumulated at VDL Bus & Coach. This has enabled the weight of this new city and local bus to remain at a minimum, leading to low fuel consumption, without making concessions to durability, lifespan or its residual value. As far as the drive line is concerned, the new city and local bus not only complies with the current Euro 4 emission standards; the Citea is also available in a Euro 5 diesel model, on request with EEV technology, thus achieving a considerable reduction in emissions of CO2, NOx, NHMC and fine particles.

Tried and tested configuration

The Citea keeps its in-line engine at the rear, a configuration which has been tried and tested for many years by VDL Bus & Coach in its city and scheduled service buses. The major components of the ventilation system are located in a special module on the roof above the front axle. There is also space in this module for the condensor and other vital parts of the air conditioning.

Steel floor frame

Although the Citea is based to a great extent on the technological constructions, which were used for the Ambassador, there are number of new developments. In this new city bus, a unique galvanised steel frame is fitted under the floor thus providing extra strength, greater loading capacity and the best possible anti-corrosion protection. This extra reinforcement was necessary in view of the increased GVW of the Citea compared to the Ambassador. Further new developments include the introduction of larger components in the assembly of the bus. This has the advantage of increasing the strength of the bodywork due to a reduction in the number of large seams and connections. Just like the Citea CLF, interior lighting is fitted in strip form along the side windows, and has been positioned at such an angle that in both aisle and window seats, passengers enjoy the same light levels.

Inside the Citea CLE

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