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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Travego
30.06.2009 von admin

New: Front Collision Guard passive safety system

The same applies to numerous other innovations that feature in the new-generation Travego. Front Collision Guard (FCG) is a unique, passive safety system designed to protect the driver and tour guide in the event of a frontal impact. The Front Collision Guard comprises a complex safety system. Its components include a trans­verse section which acts as an underride guard for the protection of other road users and can prevent a car, for example, from driving underneath the vehicle. Behind this section is a structure consisting of crash elements, which absorb energy in a predetermined manner in the event of an impact.

In addition, the driver's area in the Travego – including the steering, pedals and seat – is now mounted on a solid frame section that can slide backwards in its en­tire­ty in the event of a serious frontal impact and, therefore, increase the driver’s space by several crucial centimetres. As well as testing the effect of the Front Collision Guard system using computer simulations, the developers have also put it through its paces in several crash tests under real-life conditions. The FCG also complies with future statutory standards for bus and coach pendulum impact tests. Together with Active Brake Assist, which can reduce the collision speed dramati­cally in the event of an unavoidable frontal collision, the FCG provides the driver and tour guide with an unparalleled high standard of safety.

The new Front Collision Guard

Travego sets safety standards with a host of details

A wealth of other details enhances the exemplary level of safety provided by the Mercedes-Benz Travego even further. The new cornering light function is activated at speeds under 40 km/h once the indicator has been set and the steering turned. In this case the inner fog lamp illuminates the road to one side ahead of the vehicle with its large beam width.

The new rain/light sensor activates the windscreen wipers when they are needed and also selects a suitable wipe interval and wipe speed. Additionally, the sensor switches on the headlamps if the light outside is poor. This function is active when the light switch is in position "A" (Automatic).

Further safety aspects include the use of LEDs as corner marker lights above the windscreen. These LEDs are designed to last for the life of the vehicle, making it practically impossible to inadvertently drive off without the prescribed lights. Previously Travego models have already featured LED side marker lights. After the driver leaves the Travego and activates the central locking, the new "follow‑me‑­home" light function and the fog lamps illuminate the area in front of the vehicle for several seconds to help them find their way safely.

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