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English   NEOPLAN Apron by VISEON – Top airport buses made in Germany
11.10.2009 von admin

VISEON offers the NEOPLAN Apron in five models with carrying capacities ranging from 67 to a maximum of 137 passengers. The models in lengths 13.30 metres and 14.70 metres come in two widths - 2.75 metres or 3.17 metres. The shorter model is 12 metres long and only available in a width of 2.75 metres. In addition, VISEON can also supply customised buses or VIP versions, for example with round seating groups or multimedia equipment.

Neoplan Apron

Improved air-conditioning concept

An improved air-conditioning concept puts VISEON in an even better position to meet the requirements of its customers worldwide. For example, VISEON now offers the NEOPLAN Apron with the most powerful air-conditioning unit for airport buses on the market, with a refrigerating capacity of 44 kW. An air-conditioning system with 33 kW refrigerating capacity and integrated 38-kW heating unit is also available. And a high-power ventilation unit, also with integrated heating unit, rounds off the air-conditioning range All ventilation and air-conditioning units supply both the passenger area and the driver's cab with fresh air as standard. But there is also an optional, separately powered air-conditioning unit for the driver's cab. It is powered by electricity and has a refrigerating capacity of 3.5 kW. Altogether, customers can choose between five different optional air-conditioning packages. This allows the requirements of widely varying climate zones to be met.

On all VISEON airport buses with air-conditioning, the air-conditioning compressor is directly driven by the powerful engine of the bus via v-belts. This is an extremely economical and environmentally-friendly solution: There is no need for an expensive separate combustion motor to drive the air-conditioning system, and the engine requires significantly less additional fuel to drive the air-conditioning compressor than a separate combustion motor would. And the air-conditioning units, in particular the most powerful model with 44 kW, are designed to reduce the temperature in the passenger area to a comfortable level in just a few minutes, even in strong sunshine. This means it is no longer necessary to leave the engine running when the bus is parked.

New high-power drive

From 2010, VISEON offers a Euro 5 engine with 250 hp (184 kW) as standard for the NEOPLAN Apron. This MAN D 0836 LOH engine has a maximum torque of 1,000 Nm at 1,400-1,750 rpm. The state-of-the-art power train is fitted with an oxidisation catalytic converter and cooled exhaust-gas recirculation and thus requires no additives such as urea additive AdBlue. The advantages of this No additional costs for operation or modifications to petrol station infrastructure. A further advantage: The operator does not have to worry about filter regeneration. Fuel of “low-sulphur” quality is enough. The 6.9 litre engine is mounted in the front section of the vehicle. It drives the front wheels of the bus via an automatic 3-speed gearbox of type Voith Diwa D851.3E. The driven front portal axle is manufactured by axle specialist Kessler, as are the wheel trunks of the NEOPLAN independent wheel suspension on the rear axle.

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