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English   NEOPLAN Apron by VISEON – Top airport buses made in Germany
11.10.2009 von admin

VISEON has equipped the latest NEOPLAN Apron with the perfect solutions for quick and smooth passenger flow and optimum comfort. For example, the vehicle comes as standard with ECAS electronically controlled air suspension with integrated levelling function. This ensures optimum suspension whether the bus is full, partially loaded or empty. Thanks to the automatic lowering function (kneeling), which is also fitted as standard, the floor of the vehicle can be lowered from driving level to a boarding height of only 280 millimetres when the doors are opened. This makes it much easier for passengers to enter and leave the bus. And the generously sized doorways with a width of 1350 millimetres enable passengers to get on and off the bus quicker. At the same time, the outward-opening swing doors offer optimum safety for passengers boarding and leaving the bus.

Neoplan Apron

Optimised workstation for the driver

The NEOPLAN Apron from VISEON also offers the driver an extremely ergonomical workstation. For example, in the current improved version, VISEON has further optimised the position of the mirrors to give the driver an even better field of vision. The majority of drivers find the so-called VDV workstation, in use in thousands of European city buses, particularly user-friendly. It was developed on the basis of comprehensive ergonomic studies and practical tests in co-operation with the Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen VDV (association of German transportation companies). In addition to the extremely clearly laid-out controls with a minimum of switches, large analogue displays for speedometer and rev counter and a central display for all messages, warnings and other information, the dashboard, which can be adjusted continuously in its height and angle of inclination together with the steering wheel, is another very convincing feature. All controls are thus easy to reach for drivers of any height, and the driver always has an optimum view of all the instruments. This makes life much easier for the driver and means increased safety on the apron and when manoeuvering. VISEON is the only manufacturer offering the ergonomic VDV workstation in airport buses.

Customer-friendly after-sales service

To improve the service to its customers even after delivery of their vehicles, VISEON has created a particularly customer-friendly after-sales service structure. At its core, there is the
24-hour hotline. Here, customers can phone for support around the clock in the event of malfunctions or breakdowns. And calls are taken not by anonymous call-center personnel, but by trained and experienced service technicians. If all else fails, VISEON will send out a special Task Force Team to get the bus running again as quickly as possible. And VISEON's worldwide spare parts service also ensures that buses remain operational. Due to the use of numerous components from such reputable large-series manufacturers as MAN, ZF, Voith, Carrier Sütrac or Hella and thanks to the comprehensive range of spare parts on stock at the central warehouse in Pilsting, most spare parts can be dispatched within just a few hours.

Neoplan Apron

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