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English   10 Years of the Solaris Urbino *
11.11.2009 von admin

But back to the first steps: the green dachshund has been a part of the Urbino from the very start. Then as now, it embodies the core features of the Solaris Urbino – eco-friendliness, loyalty and a small appetite. But in 1999, it was a novel idea to have a mascot for a bus, especially a city bus. The European bus industry had long been dominated by the expression of technical aspects. Solaris’s present-day CEO, Solange Olszewska, who already occupied leading positions in the company at the time, developed the brand identity and came up with the green dachshund as the symbol of the new low-floor city bus. Since then, the dachshund has been at the core of the identity of Solaris city buses – and thanks to its charms, the Urbino continues to win over hearts as well as minds.

The mascot, the green dachshund

This love was not long limited to Poland. A futuristic and elegant Solaris Urbino in silver and black was the bus to take the Solaris flagship to the international show floor at IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition in the autumn of 2000. As a “newcomer”, it was of course subjected to the critical eye of the show’s visitors, but soon the Solaris Urbino was to be able to prove its abilities on western European streets. The first order from western Europe came from no less a metropolis than the German capital Berlin, where the first Solaris Urbino started their work in 2001. The expansion on the German market has since been one of the most successful and important chapters of the Solaris story. In the same year, an order from the Czech Republic kick-started export sales to central European countries. Since then, the friendly face of the Urbino has found friends in 20 nations – from Norway to Greece and even beyond the European continent: since 2008, Solaris buses have been running in Dubai.

Solaris Urbino 10 for the BVG Berlin - year of construction 2005

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