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English   10 Years of the Solaris Urbino *
11.11.2009 von admin

In technical terms, the Solaris Urbino has not stood still, either. The ten successful years since the premiere have been characterised by continuous improvement, making sure that the Urbino still is one of the leading vehicles of its kind. In 2001, the first design was superseded by the second generation of the Solaris Urbino, but this change was in technology and therefore happened internally. Using the experience gained in the first period of operation, these improvements confirmed the Urbino as the extremely competitive vehicle it has remained ever since. The somewhat more far-reaching switch to the third generation happened in autumn 2004, giving a new look to Solaris’s leading success. A few curves disappeared, but the design which has been the order of the day ever since remains at the height of fashion and is a clear accessory to any cityscape.

Solaris Urbino III - 12 - year of construction 2005

Ten years after the first Urbino, there is no end in sight to this success story. Quite on the contrary: surpassing an annual production of 1,000 buses for the first time in 2008, the Urbino family of low-floor buses still manages to rise to new heights. It will therefore hardly come as a surprise that the recently delivered 5,000th bus built at Solaris’s Bolechowo factory was a standard-length Urbino 12 – just like the very first showstopper ten years ago.

The 5000th Solaris Urbino - year of construction 2009

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