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English   New fuel cell bus will be in service in Hamburg next year
22.11.2009 von admin

The global initiative “Shaping Future Transportation” consolidates all the activities for sustainable mobility in the commercial vehicles sector at Daimler AG. The aim of this initiative is to use clean, efficient drive systems along with alternative fuels to realize zero-emission commercial vehicles for tomorrow’s transportation needs. “Shaping Future Transportation” means conserving resources and reducing emissions of all kinds, while ensuring the highest possible level of traffic safety. The Citaro FuelCELL-Hybrid, developed with the support of the European Union, plays a major role in this.

Prof. Kohler, Vice President e-drive & Future Mobility at Daimler AG: “Our intensive research and development conducted since 1994 has enabled us to bring the fuel cell to series production maturity. This enables us to entrust two fully practical electric vehicles with battery-electric and fuel cell drive systems to our customers – the smart fortwo electric drive and the B-Class F-CELL. The main objective now is to achieve a competitive cost level in comparison with conventionally powered vehicles and to create a full infrastructure of electric and hydrogen filling stations in cooperation with energy providers and the petroleum industry.”

Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL-Hybrid in operation

Large-scale project using fuel cell vehicles

In this large-scale project for the use of fuel cell technology in Hamburg, Daimler is cooperating with the city council as well as with Shell, Total und Vattenfall Europe. The aim is to accelerate the creation of an emission-free vehicle fleet and establish an appropriate infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations. The project is part of the Clean Energy Partnership in Hamburg and Berlin. It is being supported by the federal German government as part of the National Innovation Program for hydrogen and fuel cell technology (NIP).

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