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16.04.2010 von admin

New ideas for the new millennium

In the early nineteen-nineties, Neoplan has its sights set fairly and squarely on expansion. In 1990 a new production facility is opened in Ehrenhain in the German state of Saxony, to be followed a year later by another, the fifth Neoplan works, in the city of Plauen. Albrecht Auwärter's vision: In the year 2000, Neoplan will have a workforce of 2000 and build 2000 buses.

1992 and a small sensation set to cause yet another upheaval in the world of bus design debuts at the IAA when Neoplan presents the first homologation-compliant four-axle Megaliner measuring 15 metres nose to tail. It is the upshot of Albrecht Auwärter's ceaseless efforts to have buses over 12 metres in length allowed on the roads in Germany and Europe, and it earns itself the coveted "Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft" prize awarded by German industry for achievement in innovation. Justly so, because in the last years of the 20th century no other development has altered the public perception of buses as radically as the fifteen-metre class. The Megaliner again impressively underscores Neoplan's justification to its pioneering claim, and again leaves the competition with no option but to tag along with models designed to match up to this megaclass size.

At the IAA 1992 Neoplan presented the first four-axle, 15m Megaliner with regular German licence plates. This was a result of Albrecht Auwärter's persistent efforts to have buses with an overall length of more than 12m registered in Germany and Europe. No other development changed the bus sector in the outbound 20th century as deep as the 15m class. Nowadays, the 12m limit is a thing of the past.

Albrecht Auwärter
Bob Lee

The establishment of this bus category is Albrecht Auwärter's last achievement: After a short, severe illness, he dies at the age of 57 on March 16, 1994. His death is a bitter loss for Neoplan and for the bus industry as a whole. With his innovative developments and his business acumen, Albrecht Auwärter made an enormous contribution to the success of Neoplan. His death leaves a gap that is difficult to fill. The third generation of the Auwärter family is not yet ready to take over control of the company, so at the start of 1994 Bob Lee becomes the new Chairman of the Management Board.

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