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English   75 years Neoplan
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The continuing success of the Neoplan brand and increasing demand for high-quality premium buses have brought the Stuttgart production plant to the limits of its capacity. In Pilsting, Lower Bavaria, the Eicher tractor factory is up for sale. In Stuttgart space has always been at a premium, but in this new plant there is ample room for well-trained specialists to go to work. The Auwärter family acquires the factory to turn it into a second production facility. On December 1, 1973 the new plant is officially opened and production can commence. The factory is headed by Konrad Auwärter, who takes up residence with his family in the town of Pilsting.

Outside Germany too, Neoplan buses are attracting more and more attention and appreciation. Popularity continues to increase as time passes and now Neoplan buses are becoming a common sight on roads beyond the borders of Europe. The Republic of Ghana places a number of large-volume orders, and the company decides that the time has come to reinforce its position on the African continent. In 1974, Neoplan opens its third production plant in Kumasi, Ghana's second-largest city. The sturdy buses of the Tropicliner series are still manufactured here today.

Neoplan Tropicliner of 2005

Neoplan has had signal success in the coach sector, and now the company begins to shake up the market for public-service buses. In 1976, the N 814 arrives on the scene as the first low-floor city bus with two wide, no-step doorways for access. The technology comes straight from the company's in-house designs, and in fact had characterised both the first low-floor airport bus and Konrad Auwärter's double-decker, the 'Do-bus'. The N 814 creates a sensation when it appears, but ten years are to pass before the low-floor concept really catches on, establishing itself as the signature feature of city-bus and service-bus design it has remained to this day.

Neoplan N 814

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