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English   The new VISEON C10
29.04.2010 von admin

The heating and air conditioning system developed by VISEON ensures a good climate. It is electronically controlled as standard and provides an indirect ventilation system with outlets at the aisle and windows. Thus, there is a pleasant, draught-free climate in the whole passenger area whatever the weather. The air conditioning is available with different performance levels (3 star, 4 star, 5 star for use in hot countries) with 24 kW or 32 kW. Maintenance-free convectors can heat the inside evenly and provide pleasant radiant heat. Additional entry heaters on the front door and also on the rear door on request prevent cold getting in at this point. The side windows are a new type of insulating glass and so also ensure even temperatures inside and also contribute to the vehicle's low weight. Due to demonstrably better stability than with the standard 4.0-milimetre sheets of glass inside and outside, two 3.0-milimetre-thick layers of glass are used here - a weight advantage of more than 70 kilograms. A gas filling in the 8.0-milimetre gap between the layers of glass ensures good insulation.

The customer has a choice of seating: VISEON offers price-neutral top-quality passenger seats from Kiel and Vogel. The basic equipment includes adjustable back rests, folding arm rests and seatbelts, as well as a large selection of upholstery. All exposed seats are equipped with 3-point seatbelts. Variants are available with footrest, folding table with drink's holder, leather edging or full leather upholstery. The standard Blaupunkt audio system provides entertainment and information, alongside a video system with 19-inch folding monitor above the driver's seat and a further 19-inch monitor, which is positioned above the middle toilet. For rear entry, two 10.2-inch monitors are positioned at the side instead of the second 19-inch monitor. VISEON also offers customer-specific special designs on request, which can also include multi-channel audio-video systems and seats with integrated video monitors.

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