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English   The new VISEON C10
29.04.2010 von admin

The basic version of the VISEON C10 has a middle entry door and a middle toilet. A kitchen integrated into the middle entry section is also available. On the optional model with rear entry door, the toilet is in the corner to the right of the direction of travel. This leaves enough space for three seats or, on request, a kitchen. VISEON equips all new coaches with fire alarms in the engine space and in the toilets as standard for passenger safety.

The optional equipment with toilet in the rear

The chassis:
drive comfort and safety at the highest level

To ensure that guests are not only comfortable but also safe during travel, VISEON has equipped the premium midibus VISEON C10 with the latest chassis on the market: the tried and tested MAN coach chassis that is now available in modular concept. VISEON is the first manufacturer to integrate these modular components into a coach. At the front, the five-link axle with independent MAN VOS-08 suspension ensures drive comfort and safety of the highest level. At the rear, you have the MAN HY-1336 drive axle, which is equipped with a special bus suspension with broad spring track. Tried and tested large series components from MAN ensure that service and replacement parts are quickly available across the whole of Europe if required. Despite its small length of 10.40 metres and relatively low permissible overall weight of 16 tonnes, the VISEON C10 is built on a full coach chassis, which is normally used for 18-tonne coaches.

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