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English   The new VISEON C10
29.04.2010 von admin

The service:
across Europe around the clock

VISEON customers can rely on fast assistance and a reliable replacement parts service if required. Around 35 partner firms in the important Central European countries are ready to assist VISEON customers if required. These partners are specially trained to handle VISEON buses.
A team of coach specialists are also available on our own 24-hour Service Hotline on +49 (0)995 398 099 3333. Thanks to the MAN technology in drive and chassis, VISEON customers can also call on a wide network of workshops across the whole of Europe.

The production concept:
highest quality "made in Germany"

VISEON produces the new VISEON C10 midibus exclusively at its lead production site in Pilsting, Lower Bavaria. To this end, the company installed a new bodyshell line with new, cutting-edge frame welding machinery last year. Qualified staff put the precision-lasered and prefitted components together here into a complete frame and weld them into a high-strength vehicle frame. Then the steel tube frame is taken by low loader for KTL priming. The frame returns to the production line two days later and receives the modules for chassis and drive. The components supplied by MAN are then removed from the transfer chassis and individually integrated into the tube frame at defined points. Then the staff attack the pre-tensioned side plates and fit the roof. This is designed in three parts and already has all openings and sealing frames for the air conditioning system. Paintwork, window installation and final fitting with interior finishings is also done by experienced staff using tried and tested classic methods. The VISEON C10 is produced in less than 90 days in a cutting-edge factory under the "Made in Germany" quality seal.


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