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English   The new VISEON C10
29.04.2010 von admin

The design:
dynamic, elegant and distinctive

The design team around designer Michael Streicher have given the VISEON C10 an expressive and elegant appearance. The coach has soft lines with some distinctive edges with their harmonious proportions and lively, dynamic line. The team succeeded with their visually pleasing design of the overall length and height, but also the height of the window lines, the side panelling and the luggage flaps. Discrete design elements like the VISEON V, which is to be found under the front windscreen as a small and pointed "nose" and over the B and C columns as a large elegant shape up to the roof, or the boomerang-like arrangement of headlights and lighting elements on the front and rear, are accents in the right places and underline the self-confident, modern and distinctive appearance of the new coach. At the same time, these style elements are reminiscent of the other VISEON ranges, such as the VISEON LT trolley bus series.

The face of the new VISEON C10 coach is both friendly and self-confident. The large, deep-design front windscreen with its smiling bottom edge curving upwards suggests a kind openness. The headlights and daytime lamp arranged in a boomerang shape are striking and give the new VISEON coach its characteristic eagle appearance and also a sporty look. The form of the front headlights is repeated thematically in the rear lights and gives a contoured waist to the athletic youthful form of the rear.

As a central design element of the side section, the VISEON V soars elegantly over the B and C column and tapers away gently on the roof edge. This roof edge, also called roof rounding, covers the central in-roof air conditioning with ist striking raised design and, thus, contributes substantially to the cheerfully and harmoniously proportioned appearance of the sides.

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