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English   The new VISEON C10
29.04.2010 von admin

The luggage space and the service points:
generously sized and easily accessible.

The high design with an aisle height of 1,270 millimetres above road level facilitates a voluminous luggage space with more than six cubic metres, which offers enough space for the baggage of up to 41 guests. The optional storage spaces for smaller luggage or drinks above all four wheelhouses are especially practical. These are very generously sized and are accessible from the luggage area. The main control panel for the vehicle electronics is stored in the centre of the front wall of the luggage space, well-protected behind a stable panel. If needed, you have dry access to the modules and relays here, quickly and without effort. The housing for the control panel also accommodates the channel for the forced venting, which feeds the air from the passenger area through the luggage space in the negative pressure range behind the front axle to the outside.

The luggage space

Other control panels are located close to the consumers, in the area of the front and rear doors and behind the service flap underneath the driver's seat. This service area also houses the batteries on a pull-out slide, a circuit breaker and a 15-litre container for the screen wash system. The standard spare wheel is stored behind the fold-down fairing. There is additional storage for tools behind the left rear wheel in front of the cooler. The VISEON engineers have fitted the 480-litre diesel tank between the wheelhouses of the front axle. This can be filled from both sides as standards. The flaps on the filler neck are directly behind the front wheel. Therefore, filling up is also easy from the right-hand side even if the door is open.

The control panels underneath the driver's seat

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