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English   The new VISEON C10
29.04.2010 von admin

The vehicle lighting:
first time with LED technology throughout

VISEON are using LED technology for all outside lights for the first time on a coach, except for the main and high-beam lights and the fog lights. In addition to the usual side marker lights, all indicators and brake lights on the front, side and rear now benefit from the durable, fail-proof and energy-saving LED technology. In addition, the VISEON C10 has subtle LED daytime lamps that enable energy-saving travel without main headlight and, thus, a substantial energy saving. The top marker lights at the rear are designed to be space-saving and low-maintenance as combined rear, brake and indicator lights with long-life LED technology. VISEON also offers main and high-beam headlights with extremely clear and wide-illumination bi-xenon lamps. An adaptive light that - controlled by the wheel lock on the left axle - switches off the right or left fog light as needed, come as standard on the VISEON C10.

The exterior mirrors:
More than just a mirror

The new type of exterior mirrors with their different mirror surfaces offer an outstanding view from the driver's seat to the rear, the side and directly in front of the vehicle. The main mirrors can be adjusted electronically as standard and are electrically heated and have a vibration-damping element in the mirror arm. The special glass in these mirrors has reduced glare effect at night (Nightsafe®). Mirrors with water-repellent glass are also available on request (Hydrosafe®). Rain drops and dirt roll off the surface - mirrors remain clean even during rain and, therefore, always offer a good view to the rear even in unfavourable weather conditions. The customer can also order a camera-supported a blind spot alarm at extra cost. This monitors the area to the left next to the vehicle that the mirror does not show and warns of vehicles or obstacles in this area with four LED warning lights in the mirror. The right mirror arm has integrated low-maintenance LED lighting to ensure safe entry and exit from the vehicle even at night.

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