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English   The new VISEON C10
29.04.2010 von admin

The escort space and driver's workstation:
generous, clear and practical

Entry is convenient via three, 220-milimetre-high steps. There are handrails to the right in front of the dashboard and on the left on the escort's chair to ensure that even elderly guests can board safely. A further safety measure is immediately visible: the fire extinguisher, which the designers have positioned for easy access behind a Plexiglas panel under the steps to the aisle.

The escort space has generous legroom and can be fitted with a single or double seat. As the attachment points are identical for both models, customers can also choose to change to seat later on. There is a 55-litre fridge and space for travel documents beneath the large flap in the dashboard. There is a switch for hostess call and reading light to the side of the door, as well as nozzle ventilation that keeps the door glass clear in winter and provides the escort with cool air in summer. The air for the front windscreen is also provided by effective nozzle ventilators, which are located at the front of the dashboard pointing up. Heating for the front windscreen is also available.

The dashboard is made of top-quality composite materials with a soft-touch surface and is a distinctive chocolate-brown colour, making a pleasant change to the industry-standard grey. Whilst it is low on the right-hand side to improve visibility and runs in a straight line beside the door, the dashboard curves around on the driver's side around the workstation at the wheel. The instrument area is slightly tilted in the driver's direct line of vision. Two large round instruments and central multi-function display show all necessary information at a glance. Other data can be accessed at any time at the touch of a button. Whilst the switches for service functions like door openings, toilet, hostess call or reading light are on the right, the switches for drive functions like lights, fog lights, sun blinds or mirror adjustment, are on the left. The lever for the handbrake is also on the left at the front, directly next to the driver.

The optional navigation device with rear view camera function, the electronic heating and air conditioning controls, the audio and video system and the digital tachograph are arranged at the front on the right-hand side of the screen integrated into the dashboard and are easy to access from top to bottom. There is still sufficient space underneath for a large, closing drawer, which is A4 sized and can be used to store travel documents or other paraphernalia. The designers have equipped the driver's workstation on the VISEON C10 very generously with storage space. Open pockets and holders underneath the driver's window and a large vertical net on the left next to the driver's seat can be used for other accessories. And if that is not enough, there is an additional folder-sized space for the driver's documents in the gear lever console under an elegant roller cover. There is also space to install a safe in the stair head directly behind the driver's seat. On request, customers can also order additional, closing overhead storage for the driver and the escort.

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