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19.08.2010 von admin

New role in the production network

Today the Kassel plant is an important component in the
Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle production network. Huge quantities of axles have been manufactured here since 1973; Kassel became the central axle plant for the Commercial Vehicle Division in 1977. Alongside truck production, Kassel also manufactured precisely 44,337 Mercedes-Benz engines from 1973 to 1980.

The Kassel plant has been part of Daimler since 1969 and is now Europe's largest axle plant.

Progress moved forward apace in Kassel: a wide range of axles covering model series zero to six for off-road vehicles, vans, trucks, buses, coaches and trailers were made in Kassel. In 1979, the gear production facility and the associated hardening shop started operations. In the same year, the new training centre was also inaugurated. Since 1981 the plant has been entirely responsible for gear wheel production for axles covering model series zero to six; the assembly and painting of Unimog axles followed shortly afterwards.

The crown wheel is hardened before being fitted to the hypoid axle.

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