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10.08.2010 von admin

The re-designed roof area with integrated luggage space on both the upper and
lower decks significantly improves the sense of spaciousness. The S 431 DT double-decker coach - will be available with a glass roof in its five-star specification. The double-glazed roof over the centre aisle of the top deck is tinted, with an energy transmittance rating of 21 percent and a light transmittance rating of around three percent, which is approximately equivalent to a standard pair of snow goggles. This makes the Setra S 431 DT the only double-decker touring coach to offer this exclusive luxury feature, giving passengers a unique sense of spaciousness.

The glass roof over the centre aisle

Cathodic dip paint coating for comprehensive corrosion protection is another technical improvement. The „dry“ installation space for cable sets, tubes and lines in the completely closed-off center channel extending from the driver´s seat to the engine compartment avoids potential noise transmission and water intrusion in the axle areas.

The dive operation into the CDC facility

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