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English   Setra seat manufacturing
04.08.2010 von admin

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Setra seat manufacturing
  • Neu-Ulm based seat manufacturing: the factory within the factory
  • 200 000 bus and coach seats made yearly at the Neu-Ulm production facilities
  • Over 120 employees work in the cutting, sewing, upholstery and assembly sectors
  • Six basic seat variants and over 600 kinds of fabric and covers in programme

Setra Voyage Plus and Voyage Supreme: comfort at its best

With a total of 450,000 seats made every year, Daimler Buses is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of bus and coach seats. Together with the production facilities in Mannheim and Turkey, the Neu-Ulm-based seat production is a supporting pillar of this order-based in-house production with which the company underscores the high standards it maintains in respect of comfort and safety, as well as emphasising the broad range of individual seating designs it offers. It also supplies other European locations, e.g. France and Portugal.

Two seat series that share an identical basic concept – the Setra Route for business-class buses or coaches and the Setra Voyage for top-of-the-range touring coaches – are now ready after almost four years of development work. From the seat frame to the upholstery, from the mounted parts to the seat covers – no element has remained unchanged, with the exception of the brand badge. The top-of-the-range variants Voyage Plus and Voyage Supreme open up new and exciting possibilities in terms of fabrics and colours – for an even more exclusive brand of travel. A combination of carefully selected, high-quality materials is used to set a further milestone in bus and coach development after almost 60 years of Setra – it's not just the buses and coaches themselves but also the seats which live up to the claim "Best in Class".

Setra Voyage Plus

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