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21.09.2010 von admin

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The new VDL Futura
World premiere for the Futura, the new coach from VDL
  • VDL Bus & Coach shifts to integral construction for the future
  • The new base model from VDL offers the same high carrying capacity as its predecessor
  • All the good characteristics customers have come to expect: powerful engines and safe chassis
  • New cockpit with top-level automotive quality

The new VDL Futura

With the New VDL Futura, Dutch manufacturer VDL Bus & Coach introduces a classic high deck coach for the European market. A 2-axle coach with a length of 12.9 metres and a 3-axle coach that stretches to 13.9 metres are the first models of a modular product family that meets all the requirements of the international touring coach market.

The Futura has always been known for its high cost-effectiveness, a requirement the new type also satisfies. With its exceptionally low net weight, aerodynamic finish and economical DAF drivelines, the New Futura raises the bar in terms of fuel consumption and emissions. At the same time, the Futura impresses with its soundness and reliability. Only proven technologies are used in the vehicle. The automatic AS Tronic transmission provides smooth shifting, easing the driver’s task. The modern electronic brake system (EBS) is equipped with a brake assistant. Furthermore, the Futura is fitted with the ESC stability program, which helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle during difficult manoeuvres and prevents roll-overs.

The VDL Bus & Coach engineers have placed special focus on passenger comfort. The chassis, with a modern front axle and electronically-regulated air suspension, offers the comfort of a luxury limousine. An unusual aspect of the interior is the flat floor. The New VDL Futura is delivered with a newly designed generation of seats, with which the interior can be fully adapted to the individual wishes of the customer. A top-notch climate control system provides a comfortable temperature and healthy, fresh air under all weather conditions. The Futura driver is ensconced in a new cockpit in which optimal ergonomics are achieved through first-class design.

The decision to develop the New Futura led VDL Bus & Coach to fully reassess its entire product range. The integral coach with the new VDL logo is the future, the starting point for a new modular product family on which all further developments will be based.

The new VDL Futura

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