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English   The new NEOPLAN Skyliner – an unmatched standard of travel
23.09.2010 von admin

The skylight concept, well-known from the Starliner and further developed for the Skyliner, makes for ideal visibility and a bright upper deck. The NEOPLAN-typical side windows extending up into the roof make an additional contribution, as well as increasing headroom above the outermost row of seats and making it even easier for passengers to get up. The big skylight in the roof dome is an extra for the passengers in the front row - at around half a square metre, it turns the front row into a mobile panoramic terrace. In addition, the glazed emergency exits also add to the incomparably bright and friendly atmosphere. Headroom of 1,680 mm and spacious stowage racks turn the Skyliner's upper deck into an exclusive travel zone, every inch a member of the VIP Class.

The designers were highly successful in creating a feeling of space on the Skyliner's lower deck, which has 1,810-mm headroom: additional triangular windows behind the doors let even more light into the ground floor. A transparent dividing wall provides the necessary separation of the driver's workplace from the stairs to the upper deck. This allows more light into the interior than the previous, closed-off solution and at the same time makes the stairway even brighter.

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