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English   The new VISEON LDD14 – flexible and versatile regional double-decker bus
25.09.2010 von admin

Just how variable the engineers have designed the VISEON LDD14 is shown, among other things, by the range of door options. The double-decker is available with both two or three doors. Whereas door II always features a double-width version, the front as well as the third door at the rear can also be ordered as single doors. As a general rule for the regional execution (Class II), the LDD14 is equipped with externally-opening swivel doors; for urban route versions (Class I), both externally and internally-opening swivel doors are available.

Chassis and drive system:
proven components in a new combination

For the engine, transmission and axles, VISEON uses proven components supplied by MAN and ZF. The drive is powered by a vertical in-line six cylinder MAN D2066 LOH (EEV) diesel engine which is installed in the rear on the left. The 10.5 litre power unit produces 400 hp (294 KW) and has a maximum torque of 1900 Nm at 1000 - 1400 min-1. Due to the high-pressure injection technique with common rail technology, a cooled exhaust gas recirculation and an electronically controlled filter, the engine does not require any additional operating fluids – also for the more stringent EEV exhaust level. In order to be able to deal more effectively with the more rigorous double-decker drive requirements VISEON has equipped the engine with a specially developed larger-sized radiator complete with two fans. Finely-stepped and optimised for regular service use, the six-speed automatic ZF EcoLife gear box transfers the engine power to the drive axle.

The requirements on the chassis of the LDD14 double-decker are extremely demanding: excellent travelling comfort, best-possible driving safety in spite of the high centre of gravity, consistent low-floor design and wide passageways between the wheel housings. In order to master all of this, VISEON uses low-floor axles from ZF. At the front, the ZF RL75EC independent suspension provides proven comfort.

This axle is also in use as a trailing axle at the rear - in this case, equipped with ZF RAS forced steering. As drive axle, VISEON uses a ZF AV132 low-floor portal axle. Whereas the VISEON LDD14 regional version (Class II) is fitted with 305/70 R 22.5 tyres, the city bus (Class I) uses 315/60 R22.5 on the steering axle and 275/70 R 22.5 on the remaining axles. For the VISEON LDD14 Class II model, approval of up to 100 km/h is possible.

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