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English   The new VISEON LDD14 – flexible and versatile regional double-decker bus
25.09.2010 von admin

The passenger area:
generously dimensioned, pleasantly bright and very flexible

A high variability within the scope of the VISEON modular construction kit along with a high degree of flexibility for the bus operator when used as a double-earner were placed right at the top of the specification sheet for the development of the LDD14. This becomes particularly clear with regard to the passenger area. On the lower deck, the customer can choose between a continuous low-floor variant, a version with platforms and level wheelchair or pushchair/pram platforms, or a combination of both. Depending on requirements, this results in a higher or lower number of seats or standing room capacity. The upper deck can be equipped with a range of different seating supplied by well-known manufacturers to suit both urban and regional operations. According to the respective execution and type of seating, the LDD14 has a capacity of up to 133 passengers with maximum 103 seats.

The upper deck

The bottom deck has a standing height of 1820 millimetres whilst over the rear axle, at least 1680 millimetres is available. Two stairways lead up to the upper deck: the one at the front is positioned directly behind the driver and the second behind door II or in front of door III depending on the type of door and customer's specification. The standing height on the upper deck is at least 1680 millimetres at any point and thus fulfils all legal requirements. In order to create more space at least in the centre aisle, the designers planned three large-sized glass roof sections which can, at the same time, serve as emergency exits. This natural source of light, in connection with the large side windows, convey a generous and friendly sense of space on the upper deck. The first two rows of seating on the upper deck will be particularly popular because of the panoramic window which stretches far back into the roof thus providing a clear view of the sky above and thereby imparts a completely new driving feel. For fresh air fans and guided tour operators, VISEON incidently also offers the LDD14 ex works as an open-top version with or without a sliding roof.

The lower deck

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