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English   The new VISEON LDD14 – flexible and versatile regional double-decker bus
25.09.2010 von admin

A comfortable interior climate and pleasant temperatures in the summer is ensured by the efficient air conditioning system installed in the rear above the engine. This is equipped with more than 40 KW of cooling capacity in order to meet all European requirements. The draught-free air distribution takes place by means of roof channels with outlets to the windows and the centre aisle. In winter, a maintenance-free convector heating system with 20 KW heat output warms the passenger areas on the lower and upper decks. This is controlled through a new, climatic control function developed by VISEON whereby both the hardware as well as software were adapted to meet the high requirements in the double-decker bus.

The driver´s workplace:
VDV-applicable operator comfort and clear arrangement

Thanks to the design of the cockpit according to uniform VDV guidelines, the driver immediately feels at home with the set up. The well-positioned mirrors provide good all-round visibility. So that the driver has the lower and upper decks in view at all times, VISEON has equipped the LDD14 with camera surveillance as a standard feature.

The instrument area with the central display unit provides the driver with the most important information at a glance and the height and inclination can be adjusted via the steering wheel. For the city line buses, the tachograph is fitted as a large round instrument while the regional double-decker has an additional rev counter.
The driver´s workplace

In the door to the driver´s position is a storage place for a briefcase or similar. In order to provide the driver with relief from exhaust gases and dust in city traffic, VISEON engineers have installed the air intake in for the driver´s position air-conditioning in the dustproof area on the left in front of the front wheel. The separate front box for this air-conditioning has a heating output of 15 KW and a 6 kW cooling capacity.

The cockpit

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