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English   Daimler Engine Company and Kässbohrer: 100 Years of Cooperation
08.01.2011 von admin

German version

Daimler Engine Company and Kässbohrer: 100 Years of Cooperation
  • As early as 1910, Ulm’s Master Cartwright Karl Kässbohrer began manufacturing the first Phaeton limousines and Landaulet bodies for the Daimler Engine Company (Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft)
  • In addition to the many Kässbohrer coach and bus bodies built on Mercedes-Benz chassis, the Ulm company cooperated with Mercedes-Benz to come up with outstanding vehicle designs
  • Streamlined coaches and the largest coach in the world built by Kässbohrer all carried the Mercedes-Benz star as their extremely visible trademark
  • With the Setra product range 200, Mercedes-Benz engines started their triumphal march with the Setra. Nowadays, state-of-the-art low-pollution diesel engines with SCR technology from Mannheim are standard fittings in Setra buses and coaches
  • The ongoing existence of the traditional brand Setra from Ulm and its successful development was secured 15 years ago through the newly-established EvoBus and its integration in the Daimler Group

Kässbohrer body with glazed edge to the roof and sun-roof on Mercedes-Benz model Mannheim

The business relationship between the former Ulm commercial vehicle manufacturer Karl Kässbohrer and the former Daimler Engine Company in Stuttgart goes back as far as 1910. The very successful and well-matched partnership between the two brands in the EvoBus started long before the largest European bus and coach manufacturer was set up under the roof of the Daimler AG Group. This is something to be remembered shortly before the 100th birthday of the first Kässbohrer bus which drove along the suburban route Ulm-Wiblingen on 11th Februar, 1911, and in the year the brand Setra is 60 years old. In the review “The German Automotive Industry from 1886 to 1979” published by the German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA), Karl Kässbohrer is already mentioned as early as 1908 as a body building manufacturer specializing in trailers for trucks, and this is then followed by a larger entry for 1910:

“Karl Kässbohrer Vehicle Manufacturer supplies not only carriages but also open Phaeton limousines and Landaulet bodies to Daimler, Opel, Adler and NSU.”

At this time, most automobile manufacturers had their car bodies built by cartwrights and Phaeton limousines were comfortable touring cars. Landaulet is a French expression for a type of body which can be driven either with the roof open or closed. Because of this, the last section of the roof for these cars – which usually had four or six doors – was completed with a folding convertible-type top. Landaulet were mainly used as state cars and were the premium products of the best known manufacturers such as Mercedes, Maybach or Rolls-Royce.

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