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English   Daimler Engine Company and Kässbohrer: 100 Years of Cooperation
08.01.2011 von admin

Ten years after it had been set up, the cartwright’s business was known as “First Ulm Body Manufactory Karl Kässbohrer” and it moved from Lautenberg in the shadow of Ulm Minster to the northern edge of the city and what was then the Upper Karls Street, close to the railway lines Ulm–Stuttgart and Ulm–Aalen/Ellwangen. Following this very important development for the still young workshop, Karl Kässbohrer started his commercial vehicle manufactory in Ulm and over decades it grew to be the most important branch of industry in the city, providing work and daily bread for thousands of people and many generations.

First Kässbohrer bus on chassis to Saurer from 1911

The 11th February, 1911, was an important milestone and the actual start of the eventful history of Kässbohrer buses. This was the day the first Ulm bus line was opened, going from Ulm’s Minster Square to the southern suburb of Wiblingen. The transport company was founded especially for this event with Karl Kässbohrer as one of the partners and his share was his first motorbus. The bus was built on a Saurer chassis with 18 seats and standing room for ten people and was powered by a strong four-cylinder engine with a performance of 22 kW/30 HP. The whole body was well in advance of its time: Contrary to what was usual at that time, the driver was already sitting in a closed driving cab – the very first of its kind in a German commercial vehicle.

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