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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Citaro regular-service bus
19.06.2011 von admin

Attractive instrument panel, handy steering-wheel control pad

The completely newly developed instrument panel in the new Citaro meets the specifications of the Association of German Transport Operators in terms of both its construction and adjustability, as does the steering wheel. However, the developers have succeeded in creating considerably more knee room and foot room for the driver with the new, elegant design. The upper section’s light-grey colour adds to the cheerful, welcoming impression.

The cockpit comprises large, clearly arranged dials for road speed and engine speed, with a grey background. The strip of indicator and warning lamps between the two dials has now been replaced by a colour display showing a multitude of supplementary information.

The display is operated using the standard control pad on the new steering wheel. The two-dimensional menu navigation is very clearly structured, and also allows basic operation of the radio or two-way radio, for example. The steering wheel, its control pad, as well as the colour display, are the same as those fitted in the current range of Mercedes-Benz touring coaches.

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