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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Citaro regular-service bus
19.06.2011 von admin

Side windows set 120 mm deeper than before

The expansive glazing along the flanks of the new Citaro is particularly striking. The side window line is set 120 mm deeper than before, which gives the regular-service bus a transparent appearance. The three-dimensional styling of the glass-fibre-reinforced-plastic wheel arches at the front and rear, combined with the way they extend upwards as far as the window line, gives the body of the new Citaro a dynamic and exciting look. The wheel arches are elastic in nature, which prevents damage being caused by minor knocks, while also reducing weight.

The waist line on the left-hand side rises up gracefully at the rear, before terminating in the corner pillar above the wraparound tail lights. For ease of repair, the sidewall continues to be divided into different segments. The lightweight aluminium side panelling now wraps around the hem section at the bottom, increasing corrosion protection and producing an enclosed design without any breaks.

The new Mercedes-Benz Citaro with 2 doors.

A new rear end for the Citaro

The designers have also given the rear of the Citaro an overhaul, with new features including the engine compartment flap and the corner pillars with their rounded corner bumpers. While an indentation on the engine compartment flap echoes the front’s smiling expression, the rounded corner bumpers blend perfectly into the design concept of the new Citaro, and are highly reminiscent of a touring coach in appearance. Thanks to the highly elastic structure of the corner bumpers, they can absorb light knocks without becoming misshapen.

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