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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Citaro regular-service bus
19.06.2011 von admin

practical and inviting interior

The Citaro already set new standards when it was first launched in 1997, with a passenger compartment that was as cheerful as it was practical. The new Citaro follows in this tradition by setting another milestone in the development of regular-service buses with a multitude of innovations.

New doors save weight and increase strength

The new inward-swinging doors, manufactured in-house, have a lightweight, low-maintenance design, and feature an optimised rubber seal at the bottom for a snug fit when closed. The new sealing concept produces a virtually air-tight seal around the doors, largely eliminating wind noise in the vehicle interior in the process. The new doors stand out for their low weight, sturdy frames and highly accurate fit. The door leaves are individually controllable and are operated separately. Alternatively, the Citaro can be equipped with a new pivot-and-slide door at the front entrance too, which is available exclusively for the Citaro. This door is inclined slightly outwards as it slides forwards, allowing it to pass the nearside exterior mirror without touching it. The characteristics of the new pivot-and-slide door likewise include low weight and high stability.

Lower, well-illuminated entrances

The passenger compartment of the new Citaro has a particularly inviting feel to it. The pleasant experience for passengers begins at the bus stop thanks to the use of broad LED light strips to light up the entrance and exit areas brightly at all doors, both inside and outside the bus. A large plaque bearing the brand logo and lettering, which is integrated into the new door leading to the driver's cab, lets all passengers know as soon as they step on board the new Citaro that they are taking a seat in a Mercedes-Benz.

Sophisticated lighting technology for increased comfort and safety

The new Citaro’s passenger compartment stands out for its bright and cheerful design. This applies to both the colour scheme and the interior lighting concept. The ceiling lamps have multidimensional lenses, meaning their light doesn't just shine down directly, but also reflects off the roof hatches to produce an indirect lighting effect. LED bulbs can be fitted in place of the standard fluorescent tubes as an option. In future, it will be possible to have extra light fittings installed around the edge of the ceiling. This lighting technology can be used to create quiet zones and reading corners within the seating area. The good lighting levels will have the additional effect of reducing the risk of vandalism at the rear of the bus.

Lighting units that can be integrated into the new grab rails on the Citaro are likewise available. The upright grab rails basically feature the same outward-curving shape taken from the predecessor, which served as a model solution for the entire industry. The new uniform distribution achieved by attaching the grab rails to a continuous overhead section to form just two lines gives the interior a more orderly appearance. Straight grab rails are fitted at the front. They are positioned further apart here, giving passengers boarding the bus the impression of more space. The horizontal grab rails are now mounted in front of the vertical rails, which also has the effect of giving the passenger compartment a more tranquil appearance and creates a line for the eye to follow when looking around the interior.

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