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English   The new Mercedes-Benz Citaro regular-service bus
19.06.2011 von admin

Innovative grab rails with advertising and lighting

The horizontal grab rails are made from extruded aluminium sections and are oval in section. This, together with their larger diameter, makes them particularly easy to grip. The new shape furthermore allows lighting elements as well as exchangeable advertising inserts with clip fasteners to be integrated into the grab rails, paving the way for a brand new form of advertising. The new, wraparound stop-request buttons are easier to find, especially for passengers with impaired vision.

The partition behind the driver’s cab as well as the outer ceiling flaps can now be used as advertising space too. There is also the option of route displays which can be integrated into the outer ceiling sections. Pre-fittings for monitors with a 48.26 cm or 55.88 cm screen diagonal are furthermore provided behind the cross-duct and in the rear section of the bus for information and advertising purposes.

Compact air-conditioning system lowers procurement and running costs

Mercedes-Benz now offers the Citaro rigid bus with a new compact air-conditioning system as an additional option to bridge the gap between the familiar ventilation and air-conditioning systems. It takes the form of individual independent units, which are positioned over the roof hatches and do not require any additional cabling other than for supplying power. Thanks to its slight cooling effect combined with uniform movement of the air, the system can maintain a comfortable interior climate at average summer temperatures for Central Europe. The system is regulated according to the outside temperature. Both procurement and running costs are lower than with a conventional air-conditioning system, where the high cooling capacity is attained regardless of the exterior temperature. The refrigeration capacity is 3.8 kW per unit.

The proven seating concept has been retained

The new Citaro has adopted the previous model’s proven seating concept with cantilever mounting. The seats are manufactured in-house. The City Star Eco version is fitted as standard in urban buses, while the Citaro Ü comes equipped with the Inter Star Eco rural-service seat, in view of the longer time that tends to be spent in the vehicle. There are many different variants to choose from for both the seating design and the arrangement of the seats in the passenger compartment.

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