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English   The Citaro story
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The Citaro story
  • The unprecedented success story of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro
  • Platform for innovative transport systems
  • Unrivalled range of low-floor regular-service buses

Der Mercedes-Benz Citaro – 1997

The Citaro story: an unprecedented tale of success

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro is the most successful urban regular-service bus of all time. Since series production first started in 1998, over 31,000 have been built. In that time, it has acquired international renown, having entered service in almost all major European cities and far beyond. First unveiled at the UITP Congress in Stuttgart 1997, the Citaro urban and rural regular-service bus has gone from strength to strength.

Unrivalled range of low-floor regular-service buses

One of the ingredients for success is the wide-ranging model line-up. The portfolio of the world’s best-selling low-floor regular-service bus comprises 28 different design variants. An ingenious modular system forms the basis for this unique variety of models. It ranges from the compact Citaro K measuring 10.5 metres in length to the CapaCity, a four-axle, 19.54 m-long, high-capacity articulated bus that was derived from the Citaro platform. This unrivalled model range enables the Citaro to cover the complete spectrum of transportation requirements of local public transport companies operating urban and rural regular-service bus routes.

Der Mercedes-Benz Citaro – 1997

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