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English   World premiere of the new Neoplan Skyliner in Kortrijk
24.10.2011 von admin

Reliable and economical thanks to proven large-series technology

Double-decker touring coaches are exclusive vehicles – the European market is, quite clearly, only a niche market. Despite this exclusiveness, the operators of these vehicles expect the same high quality and reliability they know from other bus series. This is why when constructing the new Skyliner, Neoplan has used tried and trusted system components from the MAN modular kit for the suspension, the engine and the electrical/electronic systems.

The Skyliner's suspension sets new standards in its class for dynamics, comfort and agility. In front, the well-known MAN/Neoplan independent suspension is employed while at the rear, the efficient hypoid drive axle (i = 3.36) has been installed together with an electrohydraulically steered trailing axle. Wheelbase is 6,700 + 1,470 mm, turning circle is 23.3 m. The gross weight of this three-axle vehicle is almost 26,000 kg, unladen it tips the scale at between 18,000 and 18,500 kg, depending on the configuration.

Commensurate power is provided by the modern, economical MAN D26 common-rail engine, which delivers 371 kW (505 hp) and a maximum torque of 2,300 Nm at between 1,000 and 1,400 rpm. As standard, power from the Skyliner's engine is transmitted to the rear axle via an automated 12-speed transmission: the MAN TipMatic® Coach, with its special manoeuvring mode and EasyStart for pulling away, changes gear fast, precisely and extremely comfortably. Its sales launch will see the Skyliner being offered exclusively in the EEV emission class.

Of course, Skyliner operators benefit from the comprehensive range of services offered by MAN Truck & Bus, which enables them to concentrate on their core business. And if the Skyliner does have to pull into a workshop one day, a tightly knit service network based at more than 1,400 outlets throughout Europe plus the new MAN BusTOPService are available.

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