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English   World premiere of the new Neoplan Skyliner in Kortrijk
24.10.2011 von admin

Exclusive Skyliner design – a perfect triad of form, function and ergonomics

Neoplan design is legendary and has in the past been awarded several prestigious international prizes. Great things were thus expected of the Bus Design team in their design of the fifth Skyliner generation. Double-decker coaches are a bus designer's biggest challenge: an almost 14-m long, 2.55-m wide and 4-m high vehicle body has to be imbued with aesthetic lightness and dynamicism while at the same time, a perfect triad of form, function and ergonomics has to be achieved. Interior designers worked intensively on selecting colours, materials and surfaces for the passenger compartment. The result is a compelling, innovative aesthetic advance in the development of the Neoplan Skyliner.

Clear lines and clean edges in glass and metal are combined with uncompromising aerodynamics that set new standards in the Premier League of coaches. Consistent lines and the prize-winning "Sharp Cut" design from Neoplan are fundamental to the Skyliner and identify the double-decker as a member of the current Neoplan family. In this new interpretation, traditional features such as the forward-thrusting window columns and the big two-part windscreen are harmoniously combined with new stylistic elements such as the diamond cut in the upper side windows, modelled taperings towards the rear on both sides and a striking front end. The Skyliner's "face" is distinguished by the classic, big windscreen with its horizontal division and the front apron typical of Neoplan with its clipped clear-glass headlights. The Skyliner is fitted with LED daytime running lights and cornering lights as standard while bi-xenon lamps are optionally available for the full and dipped beams. Direction indicators and fog lights are installed separately in the front apron. The large front radii and the curvature of the windscreen in front of the A pillars, consistent roundings and flush-fitting surfaces as well as the around 25-degree angle of the upper windscreen all contribute to the new Skyliner's outstanding aerodynamics.

The A pillars are as slim as they can be: they interfere as little as possible with the driver's all-round view and - thanks to the dark colouring of the columns - make the window appear from the outside to be uninterrupted. The generously sized windscreen curved through three dimensions and the panorama window angled far back give the Skyliner its unmistakeable look and the passengers on the upper deck a unique vista. From a lateral perspective, the panorama window bonds visually to the line of lower-deck windows. This neutralises the physical separation of upper and lower decks while at the same time emphasizing the typical visor look of the Skyliner's front end.

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