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English   World premiere of the new Neoplan Skyliner in Kortrijk
24.10.2011 von admin

Awaiting the passengers upstairs is a lounge area suffused with light that has no peer on the double-decker coach market. The side windows running up into the roof, the new windows in the domed front above the first row of seats and emergency exits glazed as standard create an incomparably light, bright atmosphere on the upper deck – we call this concept "SkyLights". First seen on the Neoplan Starliner in 2004, these upper windows set into the roof are clearly reminiscent of the glazing along the edge of the roof typical of the Neoplan buses of the forties and fifties. The impression of space on the upper deck is enhanced still further because unlike the Starliner passenger, the Skyliner passenger sits directly beneath the SkyLights. Thanks to the approximately forty-degree angle of vision one can, particularly from the outer seats, see almost vertically upwards and drink in mountain and city panoramas. Moreover, the passengers in the outermost seats have considerably more headroom than before. Besides the curved panorama window, the big SkyLight in the domed front is an extra for the passengers in the first row - at around half a square metre, it turns that row into a mobile panorama terrace. The vehicle has three glass roof windows with emergency-exit function as standard: if in addition to these, two more are ordered as options, the roof is almost entirely glass.

The new Skyliner's big windows are fitted with effective protection against UV rays, so that even in strong sunlight the passenger compartment doesn't heat up unpleasantly and the air-conditioning system doesn't have to be operated at maximum power. This also makes its contribution to energy-saving.

For night trips, pleasant ambient lighting ensures that staff and passengers on board the Skyliner are able to orientate themselves and move about: LED strip lights set harmoniously into the floor, into the steps in the stairway and the open stowage spaces illuminate discreetly without disturbing either the view to the outside or those passengers who wish to sleep. Individually controlled LED lamps at every seat provide light for those who prefer to read. In addition, the upper deck of the Skyliner is equipped with two 19-inch monitors as standard.

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