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English   World premiere of the new Neoplan Skyliner in Kortrijk
24.10.2011 von admin

The perfect climate - newly developed dual-zone air-conditioning system for even more comfort

Double-decker coaches are a big challenge for air-conditioning systems. For the fifth Skyliner generation, the entire system has been newly developed. The conventional aircon in the rear of the coach is now responsible for the upper deck alone, while the lower deck has two evaporators of its own, each delivering nine kilowatts. Thanks to the dual-zone air-conditioning system, the driver is able to regulate temperatures on the upper and lower decks separately from each other better than ever before.

At the same time, the air-conditioning system is much more powerful: the maximum cooling performance available in the new Skyliner is 56 kW, which is almost 40 percent more than in its predecessor. Not only that, but due to a modified roof construction with bigger air ducts, air throughput has been increased by 25 percent relative to the previous model. What this means for passengers is ventilation that is more effective while also being draught-free. The noise emitted by the ventilation has simultaneously been reduced still further. The new Skyliner's overall air-flow rate is a tremendous 14,700 m3/h and its maximum heating output 96.6 kW.

Away with the bags - Skyliner luggage compartment provides increased volume

The new Skyliner has more space to offer - not just for passengers and crew, but also for their luggage. The luggage compartment benefits from the bigger overhang as well as from the new air-conditioning concept: because there are now separate systems for the upper and lower decks, the new Skyliner no longer needs the air ducts that its predecessor had to have in order for the rear aircon to supply cool air to the lower deck. This made it possible to expand the space for luggage up to eleven cubic metres - unparalleled amongst the Skyliner's competitors. What's more, the compartment, which is largely free of edges, is highly accessible via big hatches on both sides of the vehicle, via a door on the left side and even (optionally) via the galley.

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