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26.11.2011 von admin

Energy is stored in two 700 kg lithium-ion batteries with a combined capacity of 120.9 kWh at a nominal voltage of 600 V. The batteries are supplied by Wamtechnik of Warsaw and are mounted at the rear of the bus on each side of the motor. During braking, energy is recuperated and stored in the batteries, which additionally are charged from an external plug-in connection. At 3x400 V, 63 A, it takes as little as four hours to completely refill fully exhausted batteries.

With the batteries tucked away within the engine compartment, only the system’s power electronics and the legally required brake resistor are mounted on the roof. The brake resistor would only be used if the batteries could not offer any capacity for recuperated energy, a situation that is avoided at virtually all times by the Solaris Urbino electric’s energy management software.

Light Construction Reduces Weight

Current energy storage technology requires heavy batteries. To compensate for this additional burden as far as possible, the Solaris Urbino electric consistently uses new approaches to lightweight construction.

The use of new, lighter materials leads to reductions in weight. Engine flap and side panelling of the prototype are made from carbon fibre, while the interior roof panels use foamed aluminium composite material. Mahogany instead of birch plywood was chosen for the floor, aluminium rims replace steel, and classic seat mountings and thinner side windows shed further pounds.

Bringing down the weight further is the electric drive itself. It makes fuel tanks, fuel itself and lubricants superfluous and reduces the weight total by another 350 kg. All this means that the Solaris Urbino electric weighs in at just 750 kg more than its conventional, diesel-powered siblings.

All Auxiliaries Electrified

To enable a fully electric set-up, all auxiliaries have been electrified. This also includes air-conditioning units, which are available optionally. All exterior and interior lighting has been changed to energy-efficient LED technology.

Drivers of the Solaris Urbino electric will enjoy the ergonomic touch-screen dashboard, which clearly lays out all vehicle functions along with constantly updated energy management data, including battery charge levels.

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