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English   Solaris Urbino electric
26.11.2011 von admin

Volume Production Starts in 2013

The development of the Solaris Urbino electric was supported by a 30 per cent financial contribution of the European Regional Development Fund.

Presented at Busworld is a prototype, which will soon begin a demonstration tour of major European cities, where it will run in commercial passenger service. Further vehicles follow in 2012, with volume production to start in 2013, making the Solaris Urbino electric a common sight in zero-emission public transport across Europe.

Solaris CEO Solange Olszewska comments: “This electric bus is a revolution in public transport and a significant step towards new operational possibilities for electric vehicles. Not very long ago, such vehicles seemed to be visions of a far-distant future, but in the Solaris Urbino electric we now present a fully electric bus that will reduce noise and pollution in our cities.”

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