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English   New Volvo 7900 - lighter and more fuel-efficient
05.12.2011 von admin

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New Volvo 7900 - lighter and more fuel-efficient
Volvo Buses is now launching its new low-floor bus, the Volvo 7900. Among many other features, the new bus is lighter, which will generate lower fuel consumption and accommodate more passengers.

The new Volvo 7900 as a solo bus with diesel or gas powered

The new Volvo 7900 city bus has many similarities with the Volvo 8900, which was launched last year. They share the same body concept and up to 70% of the components are identical.

“This will be highly beneficial to our customers who have both the Volvo 7900 and the Volvo 8900 in their fleets,” says Stefan Guttman, Head of Business Development at Volvo Buses’ Europe Region.

“They will be able to use essentially the same routines for maintenance and repairs, fewer spare parts will be needed in stock and mechanics will be familiar with both bus models. This will contribute to shorter time in workshops and more time on the roads.”

As with the Volvo 8900, the body is a mixture of various materials. The company selected the materials that are best suited for various functions. The body structure comprises aluminum profiles that are screwed together and the roof is also made of aluminum.

The major advantage with aluminum is that it is a light and corrosion-free material. The front and back modules are manufactured from steel, which is easy to form into attractive designs.

The aluminum and the patented assembly method will make the bus significantly more resistant to corrosion. There is also an environmental benefit, since aluminum can be recycled by as much as 90%.

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