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English   First Viseon Trolleybus with VIP facilities
08.12.2011 von admin

The trolley buses Viseon LT developed by Viseon are already setting new standards in public transportation through their extraordinarily dynamic design, which has been completed by drive technology optimised for electrical operations and the length of 19.50 metres. The cherry on top of the cake is, however, an articulated bus equipped with VIP facilities, which will transport future members of the Saudi royal family and prominent guests around the university campus. For the first time, the Viseon Customizing Team of Alexandru Vagner and trolley bus project leader Thomas Krauss have refined an articulated trolley bus with high-value materials and interiors into a luxury class vehicle.

Stepping through one of the two rear doors leads you into a world you are not accustomed to. Instead of the functional ambience of a public transit bus, the passenger is greeted by an atmosphere which makes you feel at home. The dark real wood floor made of fine smoked oak with fine aluminium streaks provides a comfortable living room feeling, as does the wheel housing superstructure composed of root wood, railings and decoration made from stainless steel, or the 17 deep upholstered leather seats from Kiel. And even the ceiling has been refined by the construction specialists from Viseon; it is sumptuously covered with fine, hand-sewn leather.

A small kitchen with a fridge and five flat-screen monitors with a 55 centimetre (21.5 inch) screen size, which will be served by a multi-media system, complete the list of amenities that this exclusive Viseon trolley bus offers its guests. A glass wall that covers the entire width of the bus divides the driver´s workplace from the passenger area. The reconstruction and embellishment of the passenger area was executed with renowned artisan quality and carried out in collaboration with experienced craft enterprises from the Pilsting area.

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