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English   Setra boosts active safety of US touring coaches
17.02.2012 von admin

The Setra TopClass S 417 on show in California is fitted with a glass roof, rear window and reversing camera among other features. In the interior, the touring coach has a wooden floor and iPod connectors, while passengers can make themselves comfortable in leather seats with three-point belts. Since the successful market launch of the TopClass S 417 in 2003, around 960 units of the luxury touring coach have been sold in the USA, Canada and Mexico. In 2010, Setra presented the facelifted version – with safety one of the main focuses.

The Setra booth on the UMA Motorcoach Expo in Long Beach, Cal.

Likewise featuring three-point seat belts, the Setra ComfortClass S 407 also boosts passenger safety. First unveiled in the USA in 2011, it has a video system and wheelchair lift. Unlike the Setra TopClass S 417, which makes use of the European design concept, the Setra ComfortClass S 407 is a classic touring coach based on North American design concepts, representing an attractive alternative in the business segment.

The visual appearance of this high-quality touring coach is characterised by the standard American mirror system, as well as "Made in the USA" front and rear bumpers. Whereas at the rear of the vehicle this mechanism is securely bolted to the framework body, the front bumper can be folded down to provide access to the storage area for the spare wheel. A strong framework structure in the front area as well as the bumpers help to absorb any forces in the event of the vehicle being involved in a collision – a design which fully complies with American APTA guidelines. The ComfortClass S 407 is made at the production plant in Neu-Ulm, Germany.

Both the Setra ComfortClass S 407 and the TopClass S 417 comply with the American emissions standard EPA 10 in respect of nitrogen oxides and soot particles. As part of installing the environmentally friendly MB OM 471 engine, an additional tank has been integrated into the existing tank compartment for the diesel exhaust fluid mixture (DEF) which is used for exhaust treatment.

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EvoBus GmbH – Setra Omnibusse

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