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English   Active Brake Assist 2 in the Mercedes-Benz Travego
05.04.2012 von admin

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Active Brake Assist 2 in the Mercedes-Benz Travego
  • The Mercedes-Benz Travego is now even safer –
    Active Brake Assist 2 also brakes for stationary obstacles
  • Active Brake Assist: tried and tested over more than five billion kilometres
  • The radar-controlled system detects stationary obstacles
  • Effective from 100 - 0 km/h in different weather and light conditions
  • Discounted rates for third-party and comprehensive insurance
Mercedes-Benz is now launching the second generation of Active Brake Assist in their flagship Travego. The new generation of the award-winning Active Brake Assist – also known as the advanced emergency braking system and the winner of numerous awards – can now detect stationary obstacles. Until now, following a series of warnings of increasing severity and a lack of reaction on the part of the driver, the safety system always automatically initiated a full application of the brakes in the case of an acute risk of collision with a slower-moving vehicle ahead.

Active Brake Assist: tried and tested over five billion kilometres

After introducing various active and passive assistance systems such as the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Lane Assistant (SPA), Continuous Braking Limiter (DBL), Brake Assist (BA), Adaptive Cruise Control (ART), Front Collision Guard (FCG) and Active Brake Assist, Mercedes-Benz is now introducing the second generation of Active Brake Assist, yet another milestone on the path to implementing the vision of accident-free driving.

Up to now, the safety system only initiated an emergency stop if there was a risk of a collision with the vehicle ahead, but Active Brake Assist 2 now has the ability to initiate a braking manoeuvre in response to stationary obstacles, for example if there is an unexpected motorway tailback.

Active Brake Assist was first implemented in Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy trucks in 2006 and in Mercedes-Benz Travego buses in 2008. Since then, this assistance system has truly proved its worth over five billion kilometres. There are approximately
27,000 Daimler trucks and buses on the roads equipped with Active Brake Assist.

Active Brake Assist 2 will complement the present system from the end of the year. Mercedes-Benz will continue to support the distribution of Active Brake Assist at no extra cost in connection with Adaptive Cruise Control being ordered by the customer.

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