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English   Active Brake Assist 2 in the Mercedes-Benz Travego
05.04.2012 von admin

The radar-controlled system detects stationary obstacles

The radar of Active Brake Assist 2 scans an area between 0.25 and 200 m in the lane ahead of the bus, constantly monitoring the distance and the difference in speed to the vehicle directly ahead or to a stationary obstacle. If an accident is unavoidable unless the driver takes action, the driver is first warned by a red triangle lighting up and an acoustic warning signal. If the situation becomes more severe, the system reacts by braking.

The warning concept is designed such that drivers can take action themselves in order to avoid a critical situation. The brake application initiated by Active Brake Assist 2 is done so with
30 % of the maximum braking power and thus the driver can gain the time needed to avoid the potential accident and take appropriate action.

Effective from 100 - 0 km/h and stable in different weather and lighting conditions

Compared with other systems still being developed,
Active Brake Assist 2 has distinct advantages. The successful radar technology has proved itself to be robust under most weather and lighting conditions. Also, Active Brake Assist is active across the whole speed range of a bus from almost 0 km/h (slow driving) up to motorway speeds, with the limiter deploying at 100 km/h. Active Brake Assist 2 from the Mercedes-Benz Actros was adapted to the needs of buses for this purpose.

Discounted rates for third-party and comprehensive insurance

Active Brake Assist 2 cannot always prevent accidents, but by braking automatically it considerably reduces the collision speed and thus lessens the accident damage. Buses equipped with
Active Brake Assist, Lane Assistant and Adaptive Cruise Control are entitled to a ten-percent reduction on third-party and comprehensive insurance from Mercedes-Benz Omnibus insurance through the Mercedes-Benz Bank.

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