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English   World premiere of the new Setra coaches
09.07.2012 von admin

New tyre pressure monitoring system - for all-round safety and comfort

Significantly improved comfort, all-round visibility and safety is offered by the new tyre pressure monitoring system, which shows the driver the current tyre pressure in the cockpit display on request. In addition, the ComfortClass 500 is equipped with a new, extremely sensitive electronic level control system. Electronically lowering the vehicle body by 20 mm when driving above 95 km/h reduces the aerodynamic drag – this, in turn, results in a considerable fuel saving without detracting from the smooth running of the vehicle.

Enhanced safety systems

The enhanced Active Brake Assist (ABA2) with new radar sensor also initiates braking manoeuvres when approaching a stationary obstacle. The autonomous intelligent cruise control is responsible for maintaining a set distance from the vehicle in front. If there is no vehicle up ahead, the system automatically switches off at speeds below 15 km/h. This is not the case with the ComfortClass 500 on which autonomous intelligent cruise control is now also available with the extended Hold Assist function. This remains active even at lower speeds and enables the driver to return to the desired cruise control function at any time, even in stop-and-go traffic.

Attention Assist - placing the focus on the driver

For the first time ever, Attention Assist is being used in the coach sector. The system continuously monitors the physical condition of the driver based on certain criteria such as steering movements and braking, use of indicators, vehicle speed and the time of day.

Euro VI for an ecofriendly future

The ComfortClass 500 is powered by an upright six-cylinder in-line engine from the new OM 470 series. The 10.7-litre unit delivers 315 kW (425 bhp) at 1800 rpm and has a maximum torque of 2100 Nm at 1100 rpm. The result: superb performance. The engine features the unique common-rail injection with wheel pressure booster (X-PULSE). This enables extremely precise fuel injection with cylinder-selective control, injection pressures of up to 2100 bar and a freely adjustable injection process. This is important to ensure lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions and smooth engine running.

Further advantages come from the effective, considerably higher-performing three-stage engine brake and asymmetrical exhaust gas turbocharger. Despite exhaust gas recirculation, this ensures a quick response to accelerator pedal movements for greater agility. The torque characteristics of the new power plant enable unusually low, fuel-saving engine speeds. In addition to spontaneous acceleration, the engine, which virtually delivers full torque of 2100 Nm at just 1000 rpm, also boasts enormous tractive power.

New GO 250-8 PowerShift transmission

In conjunction with the engines, Setra has also equipped the ComfortClass 500 with the new GO 250-8 PowerShift eight-speed transmission. The fully-automated unit is based on the well-proven GO 240-8 PowerShift transmission.

Combined equipment packages

In addition to numerous innovations in technology, comfort and safety, the new ComfortClass 500 concept also includes exclusive equipment packages. The Cockpit package, for example, focuses on comfort and combines special equipment for the driver's workstation, while the Visibility package comprises a number of safety features. The Assistant Systems package is also designed to enhance safety.

Photos and text:
EvoBus GmbH – Setra-Omnibusse

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